Livestream with The PIT NYC

After Dance Party hosted by Crushing the Myth w/DJ Ben Kim

Please consider donating part or all of the normal stage show ticket price ($15) to Asian American charities we've partnered with:


Executive Producer: Veronica Dang

Technical Director: Horacio Gutierrez

Livestream Producer: Andrew Wagner

Sound Designer: Judith Moy 

Graphics: Carol Lee

                          Monica Villa


Virtual Bachelorette Party

Written by Monica Villa

Directed by Veronica Dang
Cast: Veronica Dang, Christine Fang,

Carol Lee, Dewey Wynn, Julie Tran (V.O.)

The Letter Writer

Written by Lisa Cheong

Directed by Kevin Chew

Cast: Christine Fang, Non Kuramoto,

Monica Villa, Viet Vo

Keanu School of Acting

Written by Kevin Chew

Directed by Veronica Dang

Cast: Kevin Chew, Veronica Dang, Carol Lee, Viet Vo

Yoko Ono Song for 2020

Written by Veronica Dang

Directed by Veronica Dang

Sound Design by Judith Moy

Cast: Alex Chester

How Asian Are You?

Written by Kevin Chew

Directed by Carol Lee

Cast:  Rob Chen, Kevin Chew, Julie Tran,
Monica Villa

Youtube Beauty Blogger

Written by Julie Tran

Directed by Carol Lee

Cast:  Alex Chester, Christine Fang

The Bad Old Days

Written by Betsy Abraham

Directed by Veronica Dang

Cast:  Veronica Dang, Carol Lee, Julie Tran

Pimp My Ramen

Written by Dewey Wynn

Directed by Carol Lee

Cast: Rob Chen, Alex Chester, Non Kuramoto,

Dewey Wynn



All By Ourselves

Written & Directed by Veronica Dang

Music by Judith Moy

Edited by Kevin Chew


Rob Chen

Alex Chester

Kevin Chew

    (and daughters Sienna and Skyler Chew)

Veronica Dang

Christine Fang

Carol Lee

Julie Tran

Monica Villa

Viet Vo

Dewey Wynn

Guest Peformances by:
Dylan Adler & Woody Fu​

Dylan Adler is a comedian, actor, and musician based in  NYC. He’s performed musical comedy at the New York Comedy Festival and hosts musical comedy show “Baby Grand” at The Stand. He performs sketch on Maude Night at UCB on his team “Young Douglas” and also co-hosts variety show Woke AF at UCB Subcultre. He co-hosts Just Come every Tuesday at the Graham and performs musical improv on People’s Improv Theatre house team “Punch Funk” every Monday. He also cohosts queer mic “Snowflake Mic” at Club Cumming.

Woody Fu is an actor/creator based in New York. He's been featured on The New York Times, Time Out New York, Amazon, FX, Comedy Central and TBS.

Dance After-Party w/DJ Ben Kim

Ben X. Kim aka SOUL KOREA resides in Brooklyn. He writes and performs for the PIT house sketch team SCOOT SCOOT and also performs stand-up. During pandemic times, he dj’s on Instagram Live on Sunday mornings at @soulkorea.

Special Thanks to:

Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans, Asian American Arts Alliance, Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists, Dumplings Against Hate, JD Chang of Crushing The Myth, the PIT, Judith Moy, Ariel Estrada, TJ Choi



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