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premierED 5/1, 9pm et

Abridged version of show avail to watch on youtube


It's been a tough year for Asians in America. Help stop hate against Asians by celebrating them and getting educated. Kick off AAPI Month and CAPA's 42nd annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival with AAPI history-related comedy by your fave comedy team Model Majority. Asian Americans helped build, and are very much a part of, America and Model Majority will "teach" you about some of these historical figures and moments since the U.S. school system failed you. This will be an epic-sized and history-making event full of laughs.

Our show is kicking off the Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA)'s 42nd Annual APA Heritage Festival.
CAPA is a New York-based advocacy organization dedicated to addressing the community needs of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. CAPA’s main goal is to build partnerships with community, social and non-profit organizations to reach new audiences. Their annual APA Heritage Festival is one of the oldest and largest in the US.

Free to watch but donations suggested for Asian Mental Health Collective because

after this year we all could use some mental health help.


Executive Producer/Head Writer: Veronica Dang
Executive Producer: Horacio Gutierrez
Sound Designer: Judith Moy 
Video Editing: Kevin Chew
                         Carol Lee

                                      Veronica Dang  
Graphics: Carol Lee
                          Monica Villa

Model Majority Sketches

Asian American American Girl Doll

Written by Betsy Abraham

Directed by Veronica Dang

Cast:  Kevin Chew, Veronica Dang, Carol Lee, 
Viet Vo



Written by Andy Jiang & Veronica Dang

Directed by Kevin Chew, Veronica Dang

Cast:  Randy Ta, Veronica Dang, Carol Lee

Bad Old Days

Written by Betsy Abraham

Directed by Veronica Dang

Cast: Alex Chester, Ellen Ko, Julie Tran, Kevin Chew

Diver's Guide to Poolside Safety

Written by Monica Villa

Directed by Veronica Dang, Carol Lee

Cast: Monica Villa; Special guests Chris Stewart & Zack Watson

Great Moments in Filipino History: Ewoks

Written by Erick Esteban

Directed by Kevin Chew, Veronica Dang

Cast: Ariel Estrada, Jeremy Rafal

History of Benihana

Written by Theo Park

Directed by Kevin Chew

Cast: Ellen Ko, Viet Vo

Remembering Linsanity

Written & Directed by Kevin Chew

Cast: Kevin Chew; Special Guests Sienna & Skylar Chew

Spice Awards

Written by Julie Tran

Directed by Veronica Dang, Kevin Chew

Cast: Veronica Dang, Carol Lee, Julie Tran, Viktoria I.V. King, Alex Chester

The Queen (Queen Lili'uokalani)
Written by Lindsay Burton

Directed by Veronica Dang
Cast:  Lindsay Burton, Rob Chen, Alex Chester

TurboVax Daddy
Written & Directed by Veronica Dang

Cast:  Rob Chen

We Got Options

Written by Viktoria I.V. King

Directed by Kevin Chew
Cast:  Viktoria I.V. King, Jeremy Rafal

Who Founded It

Written by Betsy Abraham

Directed by Kevin Chew
Cast:  Ariel Estrada, Carol Lee, Erick Esteban, Monica Villa

WHOAH by Keanu

Written by Kevin Chew

Directed by Carol Lee

Cast: Kevin Chew


Stock images from Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash
Stock music from & Pixabay

Special Thanks to:
CAPA (Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans), Time Out NY, DC Metro Theater Arts, Comedy Cake,
Asian American Arts Alliance,
Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists

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