Veronica Dang

Founder and fearless leader of Model Majority. Veronica is an award-winning director/actor/writer and comedian. You may have seen her on TV or teaching people about Yellow Fever at comedy clubs around NYC. She loves rehabbing dogs and eating. She hates guys who tell her to smile. Check out her webseries Subway: The Series, which is on Marie Claire's list of "Webseries You'll Want to Ditch Netflix for"

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Carol Lee

Carol first fell in love with acting in the 4th grade when she got the lead role in her class play, which started her on the path to becoming...a sorta working artist? 

She is the ditziest smart person you will ever meet and is as comfortable as the vapid valley girl as she is the nerdy Asian girl...but has the most fun being the bitchy girl.

Outside of Model Majority, Carol co-stars as Karen Chang on the web-series Bougie Betty, whose pilot was fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts. You may also find her as Penny on another web-series, Math Warriors, or looking annoyed and shocked in the background of random TV shows. She at times freelances as a video editor and producer.  Carol also bakes pastries, buys too much makeup, and is a nail polish addict. 


IG: @carolleeshoots | website:

Kevin Chew

Father of two Park Slope girls, Kevin spends his nights watching action movies and working on his autobiography, Secret Asian Man: The Life of a Token Asian Actor and his blog, "inside the brain of Chewness."  He dreams of one day becoming Keanu Reeves.  Acting credits include: The Blacklist, Blue Bloods, Ray Donovan, and Step Up 3D. (SAG-AFTRA)

Non Kuramoto

Non Kuramoto is a New York based Japanese actor, comedian, writer, and feminist-art-slut. She uses laughter and absurdity as tools to elevate voices of Asian women, experimenting with various art forms to find the funny in paranoia, identity crises, and depression. Non made her Off-Broadway debut in The Sex Myth: A Devised Play. Her play, The Fart Play (I'm Sad): A Dance, was produced at Nasty Women Unite Festival. She runs "Nonsense," an Insta-Active comedy show at New Women Space every first and third Thursday!

Viet Vo

Originally from Hawaii, Viet thought moving from that island to the island of Manhattan was going to be the same. Until he realized there were no beaches, just a lot of pavement. However, he has had many a great opportunity to work with amazing as well as well known people. For that, he is living beyond his dreams. Theatre: ROMEO AND BERNADETTE, CAROUSEL, FISHING FOR WIVES, MISS SAIGON, MIKADO. TV/FILM: THE BLACKLIST, A CRIME TO REMEMBER, TALES OF THE CITY,  LOST.

Dewey Wynn

Dewey just finished taking IMPROV LEVEL 2 at the Magnet. Current work was the department of transportation for New York. You can find his face in midtown or buses in BK. Loves comedy and is excited to be a part of the team. 

Monica Villa

Monica is an actress, singer and comedy sketch performer who enjoys a dual citizenship between New York and New Jersey. Some of her favorite professional credits include “Eunice” from the viral video “When Asian Actors Audition for Commercials,” Julia Chang’s film “Over You” (Suzie) and Common Man Musicals’ “The Monkey King” (The Herald). She is a proud member of both SAG-AFTRA and AEA. Monica is thrilled to be a part of Model Majority and its mission to increase Asian representation in comedy. You can follow her on IG: @Gamine_MoniVilla and her website:

Andy Jiang

Andy is a Chinese American standup comic and writer. His Asian American credits include childhood weekend trips to Costco in his mom’s BMW, 10+ years of violin lessons, and enrolling in pre-pre-pre SAT school when he was 11. In addition to being asked “where are you really from?”, he also is frequently carded by white folks, mistaken for a high schooler, and confused for a Korean.


He has appeared in not MadTV, not Harold and Kumar, and also not The Daily Show as a senior correspondent.

Kayte Zhang

Kayte Zhang was born in Shenyang, China, and flew to America in 1998 as an unaccompanied minor. Not knowing much about phonics, she gave herself the name Kayte, which is pronounced like “Kate” and not like “Katie.” Kayte has studied improv at Magnet and UCB and sketch at UCB. Kayte created a web series called Three Chinese Sisters, which you can find on YouTube and Facebook. She is also an actor and has performed at LaMaMa and various regional theatres across the country. Kayte would like to thank dogs, for being unapologetically wonderful and true to themselves.



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