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Soar Over Hate


The Pit loft, 5/22, 6pm est

sold out online - Limited tickets available at the door

Celebrate May, which is Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, and stop hate against Asians by joining NYC’s #1 AAPI sketch comedy team Model Majority for a night of comedy. Come before Model Majority gets banned for telling you about American history through AAPI history-themed comedy sketches. There will also be standup comedy by Wendy Steiner & Cathy Zhao. Plus, audience prizes!

*** Audience must be masked and have proof of vaccination to attend

Please donate to/volunteer with our chosen non-profits that are working to stop violence against Asians for the show below





Model Majority

If you enjoy watching our shows and would like to help cover production costs,
we ask that you please make a non-tax deductible donation or buy our new merch.

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(**Please let us know if you would like them to escort you to and/or from the show) 

Executive Producer: Veronica Dang
Tech: Sam Lee
Graphics: Carol Lee
                          Monica Villa

Model Majority Sketches


Age of Disappointment

Written by Carol Lee

Directed by Carol Lee, Veronica Dang

Hostess - Veronica Dang

Mrs. Wong - Carol Lee

Michelle - Juliette Lin

Mr. Wong - Kevin Chew

Ahead of Her Time

Written by Quincy Cho

Directed by Veronica Dang

Voice Over - Kevin Chew

Bokhee - Monica Villa

Donghee - Juliette Lin

Sunja - Carol Lee

Anna May Wong Sings About Racism

Written & Directed by Veronica Dang

Announcer (VO) - Kevin Chew

Anna May Wong - Veronica Dang

Oscar Statue - Monica Villa

Bruce Lee's Dragon Water

Written by John Tan

Directed by Veronica Dang, Kevin Chew

Bruce Lee - Kevin Chew

Barbara Walters - Veronica Dang

Guard - Jeremy Rafal

Canned Meat Story

Written by John Tan

Directed by Veronica Dang, Kevin Chew

SPAM - Jeremy Rafal

Corned Beef- Kevin Chew

Vienna Sausage - Juliette Lin

Bigas - Veronica Dang
Hand - Monica Villa
Stoner Kid - Carol Lee

Go With the Flow

Written by Monica Villa

Directed by Veronica Dang

Anna - Monica Villa

Mei - Juliette Lin

Ming - Carol Lee

Gwen - Veronica Dang

Leave the Door Open

Written by Marcus Cardona

Directed by Veronica Dang

Bruno - Jeremy Rafal

Anderson - Veronica Dang

Lola - Monica Villa

Youtube Cooking for Mom

Written by Ivy Le

Directed by Veronica Dang, Carol Lee

Video portion Edited by Carol Lee

Jen - Monica Villa

Mom  Hein- Carol Lee

Stephanie - Ivy Le


Everything Everywhere All At Once Zoom Auditions

Written by Caitlin Frain

Directed by Carol Lee, Veronica Dang

Edited by Kevin Chew

Production Assistant - Monica VIlla

Awkwafina - Veronica Dang

Casting Director- Quincy Cho

Olivia Rodrigo - Caitlin Frain

Ke Huy Quan - Kevin Chew

Constance Wu - Juliette Lin

Keanu True Hollywood Story

Written & Edited by Kevin Chew

Directed by Carol Lee

Erick Esteban as himself

Keanu Reeves - Kevin Chew

AD Voiceover - Carol Lee

Tiger Woods Rush Hour

Written by Veronica Dang, Erick Esteban

Directed & Edited by Kevin Chew

Tiger Woods - Erick Esteban

Voice Over - Kevin Chew


Stock images and videos from Pexels, Pixabay, Raw Pixel, Unsplash

Stock music from

Stand Up

wendy steiner.jpeg

Wendy Steiner​

Wendy Steiner is a Brooklyn-based Jewpanese comic. While the Los Angeles suburbs raised her, living in San Francisco and New York really aged her. Her comedic style can be described as dry warmth, which would really make more sense if she was from Arizona. She’s a set-up-punchline kind of gal with a Berkeley-educated sense of privilege and half-white guilt.


Wendy hosts Bitches Brew Comedy Show featuring some of the best comedians of NYC.

Cathy Zhao Comedy Headshot.jpeg

Cathy Zhao

Cathy Zhao is a stand-up comedian and a sit-down entrepreneur based in San Francisco. Growing up in China, her English pronunciations and improper word usage have brought laughter and embarrassments to many people (herself included). Her unique ridiculous perspective of American culture, and her brutal honesty about Asian immigrants' lives, also earned her the title of “insult comic”. She has opened for Margaret Cho for four shows at San Jose Improv and performed all over California and Las Vegas. She co-founded a non-profit to empower underprivileged teenagers with humor in the format of standup comedy and improvisation. 

Special Thanks to:
the PIT, Comedy Cake, Horacio Gutierrez, Shari Hazlett, Safe Walks NYC, Soar Over Hate, Nancy Choi, Everyone who donated

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