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Graphic by Carol Lee

brooklyn comedy collective
Eris mainstage
167 Graham ave
5/11, 7pm est:


Celebrate May, which is Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month by joining NYC’s #1 Asian American sketch comedy team Model Majority for a night of comedy and more. Come before Model Majority gets banned for telling you about American history through AANHPI history-themed comedy sketches. And there will be Asian snacks of course. This event is a part of #AsianHeritageWeek by Asian Hustle Network, celebrating the Asian community worldwide

Model Majority

If you enjoy watching our shows and would like to help cover production costs,
we ask that you please make a non-tax deductible donation or buy some merch.

Executive Producer: Veronica Dang
Tech: Horacio Guitierrez
Stage Manager: Shari Hazlett

the CASt

Model Majority Sketches

Back to the Phuture

Written by Gino Click

Brown Doc - Gino Click

Marty McPly - Christian Masinsin

Carmelita Mars - Monica Villa

Off Stage Women - Carol Lee, Nivedita Kulkarni, Katie May Porter

Crowd - Rest of Cast
Announcer (V.O.) - Kevin Chew

Golden Star Radio

Written by Monica VIlla

Mary - Katie
Thomas - Kevin

Larry Ching - Christian

Gracie- Carol Lee
Panda - Monica

Nancy - Veronica Dang
Panda (V.O.) - Christian

Fortune Cookie

Written by Lindsay Burton

Madelyn - Veronica

Brooke - Nivedita

Waiter - Carol

Godzilla v Hong
Written by Christian Mansinsin

Announcer (V.O.) - Gino

Scientist 1 - Katie

Scientist 2 - Sunny Choi

James Hong - Kevin

Godzilla - Christian

Millenial Mulan

Written by Veronica Dang

Track by Zoom Karaoke
Mulan - Carol

Beef Alternate Scene

Written by Lindsay Burton

Amy - Veronica

Danny - Sunny

Laura - Carol

Hector - Gino

Amelia - Nivedita

Danford - Kevin

Coachella Grape Strike

Written by Monica Villa

Angie - Monica

Jay - Christian

Vendor - Kevin

Molly Wren - Nivedita
Larry Itliong - Gino

Announcer (V.O.) - Katie

But Not For Anna May

Written by Veronica Dang

Announcer (VO) - Kevin

Anna May Wong - Veronica

Oscar Statue - Monica

Mindy Kaling

Character by Nivedita Kulkarni

Mindy - Nivedita

Asian Bachelorette

Written by Lindsay Burton

Jenn - Veronica

Mom - Katie

Jesse Palmer - Kevin

Ryan - Christian

Tyler - Gino

David - Sunny

Origins of Asian American
Written by Christian Mansinsin

Emma - Carol

Richard - Christian

Yuji - Kevin

Girls Who Code

Written by Lindsay Burton

Ms. Caves - Katie

Reshma Saujani - Neve

Allison - Monica

Sophie - Carol

Danielle - Veronica

Joe - Kevin

Youtube Cooking for Mom (Video)

Written by Ivy Le

Directed Veronica Dang

Edited by Carol Lee
Videographer: Horacio Guitierrez
Sound: Kevin Chew

Stock music from

Mom - Veronica 

Jen - Carol 

Stephanie - Ivy


Written by Veronica Dang, Kevin Chew

Full Cast

Special Thanks to:

Brooklyn Comedy Collective, Asian Hustle Network, Comedy Cake, amNY,
Brooklyn Paper, Cityguide, David Pham, Stephanie Jacobson

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