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It takes a lot of work to produce a Model Majority show and none of our Performances would be possible without the help of our generous sponsors. As a sponsor, you play a pivotal role in our production process. your contributions enable us to cover the costs of space rental, cast and crew stipends, promotional materials, equipment, props, costume, lots of wigs and so much more.


In addition to financial sponsors, Model majority is also actively seeking Sponsors who can provide performance/rehearsal space or food and beverages at our upcoming live shows.






What are the benefits
of becoming a sponsor?

Apart from the sheer satisfaction of supporting New York's premier all-Asian sketch comedy teamone of the biggest perks of becoming a sponsor is the public exposure. because we at model majority appreciate all the help you provide, you can always count on us to give you a shoutout during our shows, many of which are attended by prominent members of the comedy and entertainment industry. We also welcome the opportunity to cross promote your business after the show and on our website.   

How Do I become a sponsor?

email us! Thank you

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