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streaming live 2/19, 9pm est


Please join us in celebrating the Year of The Tiger with laughs and tiger-themed comedy sketches at our annual

Lunar New Year comedy show. We were hoping to be with you in person but we can't risk anyone getting sick and

ruining their luck for the beginning of the new year.

The show is free, but if you haven't already done so, please consider donating to: 



National Geographic Big Cats Initiative

Big cats worldwide, including tigers, are under threat—for many populations, local extinctions are imminent

due to habitat loss, degradation, and conflicts with humans.

Model Majority

If you enjoy watching our shows and would like to help cover production costs,
we ask that you please make a non-tax deductible donation or buy our new merch.

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Executive Producer: Veronica Dang
Technical Director: Horacio Gutierrez
Livestream Producer:
 Brad Davies
Graphics: Carol Lee
                          Monica Villa

Model Majority Sketches


Eye of the Tiger Intro

Written by Lindsay Burton, Erick Esteban & Veronica Dang

Directed by Veronica Dang

Cast:  Carol Lee, Lindsay Burton, Viet Vo, Veronica Dang, Erick Esteban, Monica Villa, Non Kuramoto, Kevin Chew, Julie Tran


#Very Asian

Written by Julie Tran

Directed by Carol Lee, Kevin Chew

Angry Woman - Julie Tran

Dining Patrons - Carol Lee, Non Kuramoto

Court Proceedings

Written Lindsay Burton

Directed by Kevin Chew, Carol Lee

Judge - Carol Lee

Defendant - Kevin Chew

Tiger Balm

Written by Theo Park

Directed by Veronica Dang

Gym Rick - Viet Vo

Waitress Sara - Veronica Dang

Dadless Jessica - Non Kuramoto

Lunar New Year Trivia

Written Carol Lee

Directed by Carol Lee, Kevin Chew

Host Bobby - Julie Tran

Valerie- Monica Villa

Becca - Lindsay Burton

Tiger Woods Rush Hour

Written by Veronica Dang, Erick Esteban

Directed by Veronica Dang

Tiger Woods - Erick Esteban



Raised by a Tiger Mom

Written by Monica Villa

Directed by Veronica Dang, Carol Lee

Edited by Kevin Chew

Sarah - Monica Villa

Roary - Viet Vo

Mrs. Shen - Veronica Dang

Mr. Shen - Kevin Chew

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Written by Lindsay Burton

Directed by Veronica Dang

Edited by Carol Lee

Daniel Tiger - Carol Lee

Teacher Harriet - Lindsay Burton

Prince Wednesday- Non Kuramoto

O - Kevin Chew

Joe Exotic - Erick Esteban

Lunar New Year Police 2

Written by Kevin chew

Directed by Veronica Dang, Kevin Chew

Edited by Kevin Chew

Unlucky Grandma - Monica VIlla

Johnny Cop - Kevin Chew

D.O.G.- Veronica Dang

Chief - Ariel Estrada

Tiger Mom - Julie Tran

David - Non Kuramoto

Voice Over - Erick Esteban

Sad Bengals

Written/Directed by Veronica Dang

Edited by Carol Lee

Bengals Fans - Viet Vo, Veronica Dang, Monica Villa

Spoonful of Sugar

Written by Lindsay Burton

Directed by Veronica Dang, Carol Lee

Edited by Carol Lee

Kid- Lindsay Burton

Grandma - Ariel Estrada

Mary Poppins - Alex Chester

Mom - Carol Lee

Dad - Kevin Chew

Bert - Erick Esteban


Stock images and videos from Pexels, Pixabay, Raw Pixel, Unsplash

Other images: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports,

Stock music from

Song: In the Arms of an Angel by Sarah McLachlan

Stand Up


Ai Yoshihara

Ai is is a comedian, actress, improviser and your Asian Nightmare.

Prateek Srivastava.jpeg

Prateek Srivastava

Prateek's debut album Nick and Sheila's Kid reached #1 on iTunes and Amazon charts. He has appeared on NPR and Amazon Prime.

Ali Lu.jpeg

Ali Lu

Ali Lu was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, currently trying not to melt in Los Angeles. She is a proud Filipino American, even if people speak Spanish to her every day! She disarms audiences with her kindergarten-teacher-like-demeanor, but then goes for the throat with jokes that are sharp, bold, filthy, and outright hilarious. She can be seen performing all over town at venues such as The Hollywood Improv, Flappers Comedy Club, and The Virgil. She is also the creator of the web series “Trash Talking” and has written for FOX. The real magic happens when she applies the 25 years of classical vocal training to her jokes, described by audiences as having the “Voice of an angel, though the jokes are less than angelic.”


Andy Jiang

Andy Jiang is a LA based Chinese American standup comedian, writer, and manager of his pug's tiktok.

Special Thanks to: , Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists, Know Theatre of Cincinnati, Matt Gehring, Angela Chew, Everyone who donated

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