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In order to preserve democracy, Model Majority and Friends are hosting a comedy night to help get out the vote. Enjoy some laughs while we still can and help us get people registered and motivated to vote.

Free show! But donations in time or money to the following charities are encouraged and appreciated:



                                  When We All Vote

Executive Producer: Veronica Dang

Technical Director: Horacio Gutierrez

Livestream Producer: Andrew Wagner

Sound Designer: Judith Moy 
Video Editing: Kevin Chew
                                     Veronica Dang
                          Carol Lee

Graphics: Carol Lee



Act 1

Ray Ming
Written by Carol Lee

Directed by Veronica Dang, Kevin Chew

Music from
Cast: Veronica Dang, Kevin Chew,

Carol Lee, Stephen Lin, Julie Tran

Tiny Home Hunters

Written by Betsy Abraham

Directed by Carol Lee

Music from

Cast: Non Kuramoto, Julie Tran, Dewey Wynn

Hallmark Presents: A Very Dim Sum Christmas

Written by Monica Villa

Directed by Veronica Dang

Cast:  Monica Villa, Rob Chen, Ariel Estrada, Bibin Shrestha, Carol Lee (V.O.)

Mr. Brokebot

Written by Kevin Chew, Inam Quazi

Directed by Veronica Dang

Cast:  Dewey Wynn, Ariel Estrada,  Veronica Dang, Stephen Lin, Viet Vo (V.O.)

The Mandalorian Plus

Written & Directed by Kevin Chew

Cast:  Viet Vo, Kevin Chew (V.O),Veronica Dang (Baby Yoda V.O.), Ariel Estrada (Kuiil V.O.)

All My Siblings

Written by Julie Tran

Directed by Veronica Dang

Cast: Rob Chen, Veronica Dang, Carol Lee

Act 2


Written by Kevin Chew, Andy Jiang, Non Kuramoto

Directed by Veronica Dang

Cast:  Kevin Chew, Andy Jiang, Julie Tran, Viet Vo, Monica Villa, Carol Lee, Dewey Wynn

NY Toughish

Written by Betsy Abraham

Directed by Carol Lee, Veronica Dang

Music from

Cast: Monica Villa, Carol Lee (V.O.)


Written & Directed by Carol Lee

Music from

Cast: Kevin Chew, Veronica Dang

Carole Baskin Robbins

Written by Inam Quazi

Directed by Veronica Dang

Music from

Cast: Andy Jiang, Carol Lee

Drunk Herstory

Written by Non Kuramoto

Directed by Veronica Dang, Kevin Chew

Cast: Non Kuramoto, Veronica Dang, Sienna Chew, Viet Vo, Andy Jiang, Julie Tran, Kevin Chew, Monica Villa, Carol Lee

Guest Peformances by:
Gary from HR & The Black Pantherettes

Gary from HR is a sketch team assembled by The Magnet Theater in February, 2018. Gary from HR is also the first House sketch team in New York City to be written, directed and performed exclusively by people of color. Writers and performers on the team work with and have appeared at the Magnet Theater, the Upright Citizens Brigade, the People’s Improv Theater, Caveat NYC, and College Humor. For more information, visit

The Black Pantherettes is a shea butter filled, musical, sketch comedy show written and performed by an all-black female troupe. Each show features original raps and music parodies with a range in topics from politics to pop culture. At our show, root for your favorite team as we compete for our reparations with Morgan Freeman, or witness what happens when Megyn Kelly starts a Youtube channel and interviews R.Kelly. We aren’t afraid of any subject. 

Founded by writer-director Lauren Vernea (UCB, The PIT), the 5 member sketch group has performed at the Harlem Comedy Festival, NY Sketch Fest, UCB NYC, and is a resident at The People’s Improv Theater NYC (The PIT).

Special Thanks to:

The PIT, Asian American Arts Alliance



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