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players theatre, 2/17, 7:30pm est

Main Stage

115 MacDougal Street

Btwn West 3rd & Minetta Ln


Happy New Year! Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with acclaimed comedy team Model Majority for their annual Lunar New Year comedy show. You won’t want to miss a fiery night of dragon-filled sketch comedy, "dragon dance", burlesque by Kai Bunny, and more. The audience will be given gifts of laughter, red envelopes and delicious goodies for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Attire: Festive, especially red/gold clothing (there will be prizes for Best Dressed)

This show is honored to be on Time Out New York's "Best Things To Do For Lunar New Year" list, on AMNY's "Best Lunar New Year Events" list, and also featured on CBS News New York's "Celebrating Lunar New Year in NYC" segment.

Tickets are sold out online but there will be a limited amount of tickets available at the door. Please contact The Players Theatre for their box office policy.

*Masks highly recommended because being sick for the new year is very bad luck

Age: 18+ (Under 18 allowed if accompanied by parent/guardian)

Model Majority

If you enjoy watching our shows and would like to help cover production costs,
we ask that you please make a non-tax deductible donation or buy our merch

Executive Producer/Director: Veronica Dang
Tech: Horacio Gutierrez
Graphics: Carol Lee

Model Majority Sketches

Competing Aunties with Dragons

Written by Elijah Guo

Deborah - Carol Lee

Grace - Katie May Porter

Dennis - Christian Masinsin

Grayson - Chris Paul Morales

Great Grandpa Guo - Kevin Chew

Great Grandma Deng - Veronica Dang

Dragons - Marcus, Gino

Lunar Day Off

Written by Kevin Chew

Fei the Barber - Kevin

May The Sweeper - Katie

Lee The Executioner - Marcus Cardona

Yan the Launderer - Carol 

Announcer (V.O.) - Gino Click

Imagine Dragons

Written by Christian Masinsin

Alex - Maryam Chishti

Riley - Christian

Imagine Dragons : Kevin (drums), Chris (air bass), Gino (mic), Marcus (air guitar)

Hong Wow

Written by Elijah Guo

Announcer/Fred - Elijah 

Dad - Chris 

Mom - Carol
Kids - Maryam, 

Executive  - Katie

Employee - Gino

Spouse - Veronica


Written by Marcus Cardona

Benedict Cumberbatch/Smaug - Kevin

Moira - Carol

Peter Jackson (V.O.) - Elijah

Dragon Baby

Written by Kevin Chew

Sharon - Carol

Jason - Chris

Mom - Katie

Dad - Kevin

LNY Resolutions

Written by Gino Click

Spokesperson - Gino

Customer 1 (Bakery) - Katie

Customer 2 (Improv) - Maryam

Customer 3 (Dry January) - Marcus

The Dronkey Show

Written by Christian Masinsin

Merlin - Christian
Debbie - Maryam

Jonathan (Dad) - Kevin

Debbie II - Carol

Other Dronkeys - Model Majority Jr (Skylar & Sienna Chew), Veronica, Marcus, Katie

Bruce Lee Butt Cream

Written by Veronica Dang

Bruce Lee - Kevin

Announcer - Veronica

Hemorrhoids Sufferer - Christian

Lunar New Year Starbucks Ad

Written by Maryam Chishti

V.O. - Maryam
Director - Kevin
Pauly - Christian

Cindy - Carol

Andie - Katie

Sex + Dungeons and Dragons

Written by Marcus Cardona

Jack - Chris

Celeste - Carol
Stuart - Marcus

Drolf the Barbarian - Kevin
Ariella Frostbloom - Veronica

Dom Dragon - Christian


Written by Kevin Chew and Veronica Dang

Johnny Cop/Keanu - Kevin Chew

DOG/Awkwafina - Veronica Dang

Dragon Lady/Michelle Yeoh - Katie

Customer - Gino Click

Announcer (V.O.) - Marcus Cardona

Time for Tet

Written by Veronica Dang

Sound Mix by Matthew Wang

Barbie Tran - Veronica

Ken Nyguen - Chris

Family - Katie, Maryam, Marcus, Christian, Gino

Ancestors - Carol, Kevin, Elijah

Special Guests

Freddy Sheffield.jpeg

Freddy Sheffield 

Stand-Up Comedy

Born and raised  in Brooklyn NY to Japanese mom and an African American dad, Freddy is a seasoned stand up comedian that has also enjoyed success on stage as an actor in theater and film. His childhood and bi cultural background is from where draws for both laughs and insight. He's performs at clubs and theaters all over NYC.  Freddy has also a appeared in a few Indie films such as "One Bedroom" and a few web series and continues to grow as an artist and entertainer. He's warm personable with dynamic range and is amazing to watch.

IG: @FreddySheffield
FB: Freddy Sheffield

Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 2.40.19 PM.png

Kai Bunny

Burlesque Presentation

Kai Bunny (she/they/he) is a burlesque artist and drag king born and raised in Lenapehoking, also known as New York City. Kai trained and made their debut at the New York School of Burlesque. They have since performed in venues around New York such as DROM, High Garden NYC, Pink Metal Bar, Starr Bar, Club Cumming, and now Players Theatre. They performed in productions of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and stage kittened for the annual Asian Burlesque Festival. Follow them on insta @kaixbunny . Tips at cashapp $kaixbunny

Special Thanks to:

The Players Theatre, Time Out NY, CBS News NY, amNY, Lunar Hard Seltzer, Karin Kawamoto, Andrew Wagner, Shari Hazlett, Michael Caccamo, Angela Chew, Jay Lineberry, Matthew Wang, 
Charlotte Johanna, Model Majority Jr.

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